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Inspired by the Swachha Bharat initiative to address the need for sewage treatment systems in the country, BioWater Treatment Systems LLP was started with the aim to provide chemical free, low maintenance, cost effective and reliable Decentralised/On-site Sewage and Rain Water Treatment Systems for water reuse in non-potable applications with the aim of preserving the nation's most valuable resource.

BioWater Treatment Systems is dedicated to environmentally friendly, sustainable technologies from global sources with the objective of providing appropriate solutions for SMART Cities, rural applications and rejuvenation of India's polluted rivers. BioWater brings to India technology and systems from Bio-Microbics Inc., USA. Our Treatment Solutions/Systems can be used in Residential, Commercial, Academic and Industrial premises to treat domestic sewage for reuse in non-potable applications such as landscaping & gardening, toilet flushing, floor swapping, cooling tower make-up, etc.

BioWater Treatment Systems offers the right solution and expertise to tackle the water & waste water problem in the country. We take pride in providing innovative, sustainable, environment friendly treatment solutions that satisfy our clients' needs and help in sustenance of our natural resource water.

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