"Be the go-to-platform for curated data on building and construction products, materials, services and be a game-changer in the AEC industry."


"A pathway to solve issues of AEC community and to create a better place for them by collaborating together and creating better cities and nations."


redbracket is an innovative online platform for the entire AEC (Architect, Engineering and Construction) Community across India. It provides a complete solution to the AEC community in product management, promotion and business operations and makes collaboration simpler and easier. redbracket is a B2B platform mainly addressing the prevailing gap between specifier and manufacturer. It aims to reduce efforts from both the sides. redbracket is also a network of professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, builders, contractors, artists, students and other AEC community members.

redbracket is a result of a meticulous observation for 20+ years of founder Ar. Jagrut Patel and his philosophy of not living with problems and addressing the day-to-day problems being faced by architects and other contributors in the AEC community. It foresees to achieve streamlined architectural processes with a user friendly project management system that is less time consuming and thereby allows specifier to focus on design elements. It is a result of extensive research on operational pain areas of specifier.

redbracket aims to be a clean yet strong platform with only reliable products of great quality alongside a 360 degree overview of each product and its related information. The product is designed to do all the ground work for what to use for specifier.

Our vision is what leads us to believe that redbracket can be a winner for the striving AEC sector. We've walked through the pain areas and can succinctly identify with them providing an optimum solution.





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