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Things change and its a good thing they change because changes enable a new way of thinking, each generation creates its own new ideals. For wood working and furniture making, a lot was needed to be done and there was so much to explore and innovate, thus Woodberry came into existence.

Designing furniture is more than creating structures and fixtures that give aesthetic value and functionality to living space. It is more than artistic expression or a statement of individual style. It serves a bigger function to improve life itself. A culture of innovation that is embedded within our organization.

Designing innovative furniture products from Wood, Wood panels, Engineered Wood, Membrane, PVC and many such material using European technique and modern production methods along with durable hardware from European brands like Hettich, Blum, Hafele or equivalent with the latest accessories and sophisticated looks and finishes is the core strength of the company.

We are fully equipped to take on the most precision of projects and customized furniture manufactured on Italian machines like CNC Router, Beam Saw, Edge Banding, Hot Press, Round TenonMortiser machines, linked to our Design Studio. The manufacturing and sales process is ably supported by a fully customized and in house Estimation and Inventory Software which makes estimation a dream for our Dealers. The network is serviced by IT professionals at the hub.

At Woodberry we put people first, Woodberry designers always start with the person who is going to use the object and design products to make this person?s life better, easier and more comfortable. With this philosophy we always design our products around you. We perform a thorough search of style and technique which aims to create practical design and storage solutions and ensure the highest quality. We listen to our clients needs, ensuring your home works for your lifestyle and, of course, your budget..

We possess capability to cater to wide category of the furniture market segment namely Home interior products, Office furniture, and Hospitality products right from solid wood furniture products, flat packed cabinetry and storage products, Bedroom Sets to highly customized home interior products like Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes. Our products have been categorized under Two different Brands to cater to two different market segments:


SHIELD: Both Urban and Über categories have a special range of products under the brand name SHIELD. As the name suggests SHIELD stands for products which protected from the influence of Water and Termites, they are completely waterproof, and termite proof. Under this brand each product would be manufactured as a customized solution for specific problems associated with Water, Moisture, Termites and Borer.

Please go through our product list, we are sure you will find something to suit your requirements.

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