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Quality first. Green always.
Since innovating the Royal Flushometer more than 100 years ago, Sloan has led the industry in water efficiency with products that are built to perform and guaranteed to last.
Water Connects Us.
Every day around the world, Sloan products connect the systems that manage our planet's most precious resource. As the world's leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, we've spent more than a century pioneering smart, water-saving restroom solutions that are built to last a lifetime.
We want to passionately preserve the environment.
Water Connects Us is more than just Sloan's tagline. Sloan understands the dynamic relationship between the world's water management systems and its water ecosystems. We connect communities of engineers, architects, designers, building managers and owners to high-efficient products and systems to promote healthier water ecosystems for generations to come.

At Sloan, we empower businesses and communities worldwide to meet their water and energy challenges with solutions that connect us all more responsibly.

It's not only the right thing to do; it's also right for your bottom line. Our sustainable practices and products help you achieve a greater return on your most important investments: profit, planet and people. We take responsibility through every part of the product life cycle, from the sourcing of raw materials through usage, consumption, maintenance and recycling.
Saving water
As the leading manufacturer of water-efficient systems, Sloan products make saving water effortless.

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