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Emcer is a Group Venture between two renowned brands of the ceramic industry, SOL Tiles and Sanford Tiles, bringing together the best of expertise and innovation along with an unmatched experience of more than three decades. Emcer aims to revolutionize the industry by introducing never-before seen slabs that are sure to raise the bar of grandeur a notch higher.

What does Emcer mean to us, or should mean to you? What are the keywords that come to our minds when we think of Brand Emcer? The answer to this question is beyond the literal dictionary meaning, and deeper than what the word itself stands for. Emcer is an unflinching vision, an unwavering ambition, and an untiring determination striding confidently towards a magnificence that will redefine perfection.

The Global Design partner

Emcer has earned the tag of being a global design partner due to its years of hard work and dedication in the field of premium porcelain and wall tiles, tailor made for every surface you could possibly think.

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