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The place with curated products and services for all your architectural, interior and construction needs.

Architects and Designers can now save time and money, thanks to RedBracket's extensive database of construction materials manufacturers and interior design materials manufacturers. Discover products instantly and send an architecture materials inquiry directly to manufacturers. You can even track your entire project on RedBracket, build your own project library, and seamlessly collaborate with others. You can keep a check on approvals, track files, and do a lot more on RedBracket's intuitive web interface. Finding architecture materials manufacturers has never been this easy. We have a verified list of construction materials manufacturers and interior design materials manufacturers to address a wide array of project needs.

For Manufacturers

Direct Connect

Direct communication with specifiers enables better relationships, comprehensive knowledge transfer and faster conversions.

Efficient Sales + Marketing

Targeted and precise discussions into product and solution requirements, facilitate selective sampling and faster decisions. Save time and make meetings more productive.

Tag Products In Projects

Showcasing products inside the projects they were used in, gives more credibility to products by providing real-life scenarios to specifiers and end-users.

Maximum Reach

Specifiers can access uniform and structured information about products and solutions at their suitable time and location, maximising your convenience and product reach.

Genuine Leads

Direct product and solution centric enquiries to manufacturers from registered specifiers helps create greater number of genuine leads without extensive research efforts.

Ratings + Reviews

Higher ratings and positive reviews distinguish products and solutions among similar items. It builds more confidence in specifiers' minds about the credibility of the product.

How redbracket helps in growing my business?

redbracket helps manufacturers in getting genuine leads. Specifiers send an inquiry to you directly from the product page. Tagging your products in the existing projects on redbracket also helps in generating more business.

How redbracket add value to my brand?

redbracket is only inviting verified manufacturers, architects, interior designers, consultants, engineers, contractors, service providers, distributors, dealers etc. This platform is consistently curetting the materials & services by setting up some on-boarding criteria to serve best quality information.

Who can see my profile and product details?

Your profile and products' details published on redbracket will be seen by all redbracket users like Architects, Interior Designers, Consultants, Builders, Solution Providers and Contractors.

Can we sell our products on redbracket?

No. redbracket does not facilitate it. Currently our aim is to provide 360* information of products/solutions to Specifiers and buyers and help them connect directly with the manufacturer to enrich their practices through technology.

For Specifiers

Instant Product Discovery

Instantly search products and solutions as per your requirements. See full product specifications, drawings, manufacturers, suppliers and reference projects, to be able to choose better.

Manage Products In Projects

Import products and services directly to your projects, alongwith product and vendor options and build a tentative budget. Share such 'brackets' with project teams and clients.

Share + Collaborate

Share drawings and products with your project teams, clients and consultants. Collaborate seamlessly while maintaining file versions, tracking approvals and keeping audit trails.

Your Own Product Library

Manage your own product library which updates in real-time, set your company's own product palettes and save physical space in your office occupied by loads of catalogues and brochures.

Monitor Project Status

Get a snapshot of your project progress anytime and anywhere. Monitor the project life-cycle, control milestones and deliverables, while keeping project teams and clients updated.

Direct Manufacturer Connect

Directly connect to the manufacturer for all your queries related to products and get true and full information to save time.





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